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A Quick Guide to Voicemail


It's mainly used to get return phone calls. It also is used to leave an impression that will lead to alter meeting with a certain customer or friend. The best way to getting  a return call is usually to use the first few seconds and leave an elevator speech or one can make a statement that leaves them with a compelling urge to call back. It's advisable that you use words that leave emotions such as disappointment, frustration, irritation and unending concern.


Other people usually don't leave messages for the sole reason that they never get a call back. This is maybe because their voicemail messages basically contain their own name, premises name and a phone number. Other individuals leaves a more complex message that cannot be easily understood and then unable to return any answer. But this not an individual challenge because even survey shows that more that 90 percent of voicemail messages are never returned. Therefore it's advisable that several techniques be used in order to increase the chances of return call.


One should call a number of times like six times before leaving a voice mail message. It has proven that is the best approach to reach customers. The main goal is to get them through a call rather than having messages queued for listening by the prospect. Another approach is to call at different hours of the day. For instance weekends are the most appropriate times to reach a client because it's the time people relax after a busy weekday. Generally people say that the worst week day to leave a message is during Mondays, learn more here!


Another technique is to write a good voice mail message in advance. This prevents someone from deleting your message may be because it's noisy or inconsistent and does not communicate any message worthy for a feedback. These unprofessional messages filled with interjections are not good when reaching to new prospects. You should emphasize on the client and not the product and if possible leave your contacts in slow speech and twice. To know more about voicemail, visit http://camilacabello.wikia.com/wiki/Voicemail.


A third technique is to amalgamate your virtual voicemail with emails to ensure effectiveness. This usually supports the first law in marketing which is repetition. This should not be every time you try to reach a client but at specific times of the week because some prospects get upset when their inbox is flooded by messages from one person. It becomes monotonous and one may not call back.


However if the voice mail approach does not bear fruits it's advisable that one look for another way such as arranging for physical meetings or even sending greetings and invitation cards. These techniques are very helpful especially for business practioners.